Current Pricing: Free

First of all, right now it’s free. Just submit an enquiry and we’ll get going.

The reason it’s free right now is that we’re still in beta and refining a lot of the mechanics. As an early user, you’ll be helping us iron out the creases and that’s value enough for us in the short term.

Future Pricing: Self-select

When we’re out of beta (whatever that means and whenever that happens) we’ll request payment for the service but we’re taking a donation-based approach.

While we need to generate income, we’re not in this for the money. So the way we’ll handle payments is to suggest a fee based on:

  • Your headcount
  • Your ARR

You will be free to pay as little or as much as you want of that suggested amount, although there will be a reasonable minimum payment (tbd) to cover direct costs.

There will also be a completely free option if you’re cash-strapped. (This will not be crippled or limited in any way.)