Understand your people. Improve your climate.

A conversation about the climate emergency is hard. We’re developing a professional tool to determine what your employees, leadership, and co-workers really think about the issue.


We’re currently in open beta. This means you can use our tool for free. Fill in the form below to register your interest and we’ll work with you to get it done. Or learn more about how it works first.

How it works

The process is similar to how regular “company culture” surveys work:

  1. Each staff member will receive a unique link for them to complete a survey (anonymously)
  2. We will compile the results into a report once everyone has completed their submission (or the deadline expires)
  3. You get a copy of the report, the raw data, as well as some recommendations on future actions.

What’s in the survey?

We’ve developed a comprehensive (but not ridiculously long) survey that asks your organisation’s members how they feel about the climate emergency.

The questions cover:

  • Personal attitudes and feelings about the issue
  • How they characterise the company’s (and leadership’s) attitude
  • What personal actions they’ve taken
  • What actions they feel the company should take and what they would support


The easiest way is to submit the enquiry form above. Alternatively feel free to send a direct email.

Who’s behind this? is operated by, and governed by,  Indy Zone Ltd (a UK-based limited liability company) and Richard Muscat.

Read more about our Governance and principles here.